Spiral Holiday Wreath


This is the pattern for the Spiral Holiday Wreath wall hanging.

Size: 24" x 24"
Skills: Foundation piecing (using RaNae's technique that makes it MUCH easier than the traditional way-instructions are included.) 

You will receive the Digital Pattern instantly and pre-printed foundations separately by mail. Foundations are printed on EQ Printables Foundation Sheets. Because they are translucent, you can piece on the front (no reversing the design). And they do not need to be removed, so you'll save hours ripping out paper!

This project is sewn using foundation piecing. I insist on translucent foundation for all my foundation piecing. I recommend either EQ Printables Foundation Sheets or Simply Amazing Translucent Vellum. Click on the pictures below for more information and to order each type.

PLEASE NOTE: The template for the spiral in this pattern is the same size as the template in the pattern which appeared in the December/January 2009 issue of Quilt magazine. That template was the wrong size to fit with the original pattern: when enlarged 200% it should have been 15-1/2" but was only 13-3/4". However, since the stripe in the new fabric is narrower than the original fabrics, in the current version of the pattern sold here the entire pattern has been scaled down to fit the originally-published template at 13-3/4".

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