Free-Motion Mastery in a Month Teacher Certification Program

Free-Motion Mastery in a Month gives students a plan to succeed . . .
FMM30 Teacher Training gives TEACHERS a plan to succeed!

The FMM30 approach to teaching free-motion quilting is unlike any other. Focusing on body mechanics rather than patterns, FMM30 uses specific exercises to accelerate your students' learning process and get them to success fast!

The FMM30 Teacher Certification Program enables stores to have a trained Free-Motion Mastery in a Month teacher in-house. Using prepared lesson plans and projects, you can present classes any time, in the way that best suits your store and your customers. You can create a strong, ongoing free-motion education program that will build your customers' skills and loyalty, and build your profits.

What will I learn?

FMM30 Certified Teachers have access to a wealth of materials that make teaching free-motion quilting easy, fun and profitable. 

  • NEW Addition! Learn to present and moderate live online classes that run smoothly, look professional, and keep you connected with your customers!
  • The FMM30 Teacher Manual contains 10 lesson plans for workshops and projects of various lengths from one day to several weeks that make teaching your classes easy.
  • Learn specific teaching techniques not found in the book - exercises that help your students quickly succeed at challenging skills like finding the right combination of hand and machine speed for even stitching.
  • Learn to help your students connect skills your students already have to the skills they need for free-motion quilting.
  • Learn how to soft-sell products and sewing machines as you teach free-motion quilting.

What other benefits does FMM30 Certification offer?

  • Get ongoing training and updates through periodic newsletters and video conferences.
  • Get first access to new FMM30 products, projects and patterns.
  • Be included in our Fabric Kit Marketplace -- you create the kits, we promote them and send customers to your website to purchase them.
  • Be highlighted as a Certified Teacher / Certified Store on the FMM30 website with a hotlink to your store.
  • Benefit from our advertising and brand exposure.

What materials are included?

  • Free-Motion Mastery in a Month book
  • Free-Motion Mastery in a Month Tool Kit with both Standard and Longarm size Trainers
  • FMM30 Teacher’s Manual
  • FMM30 Video Class, with a license to show it in commercial settings
  • FMM30 Quilting Yoga Videos, with a license to show them in commercial settings
  • Official FMM30 Teacher's Apron

What’s in the Teacher’s Manual?

  • 10+ lesson plans for classes ranging from 1 hour to a full day.
  • A Multi-week FMM30 Club Plan
  • Teaching modules for each concept and topic in FMM30 - combine them to go with the lesson plans or create your own custom plan

How is the course structured?

The Free-Motion Mastery in a Month Teacher Certification course is taught LIVE online. Participants attend a series of live online lessons scheduled twice a week for a month, a total of 9 sessions. The online format makes it convenient and economical for shop owners and employees to attend, and gives you time to complete class samples between sessions.

The online format also sets you up for our newly-added online meetings training, so you can learn to offer live online classes from your store on any topic, any time.

Who can attend?

Owners or employees of a quilting-related business. Independent contractors must have a resale license. Click here to create or log in to your wholesale account.

    How much does it cost? 

    The cost is $995, which you can easily recoup in just one or two classes,
    in-person or online.

    How do I enroll?

    Email us at for upcoming dates; we'll be happy to answer your questions and enroll you. You'll need to have a wholesale account with RaNae Merrill Quilt Design in order to enroll. Click here to create or log in to your wholesale account


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