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What’s Your Free-Motion Quilting Challenge?

You can't get your hands, fingers, feet and machine to work together.
We’ll separate learning quilting patterns from learning to manage the sewing machine in free-motion mode. Once you are comfortable with each skill separately, then we’ll combine them to quilt free-motion patterns successfully.
A one-day class isn't long enough for you to get good at quilting.
We’re going to use small exercises repeated daily over the course of a month. Your muscle memory will grow quickly and stay with you. You can use the FMM30 tools any time to learn new patterns or “get back in shape” if you haven’t quilted for a while.
You don't want to ruin a beautiful quilt top you spent a lot of time and money on.
There’s no piecing, and you quilt one block at a time. If you ruin a block you haven’t lost more than a few minutes of prep time and very little money.
You can't manage the weight and bulk of a whole quilt.
We’ll quilt individual blocks, so there’s no weight and no bulk to manage. You’ll join them to make the quilt after they are quilted.
You need a special table to set up your machine at table level.
Individual blocks can easily be quilted on the small extension table of a sewing machine, even if it’s sitting above table-height, so no special table is required.
You need a better/newer/bigger sewing machine to quilt on.
FMM30 will work for any type of sewing machine because it’s about you more than about the machine. Start with what you have. Most domestic sewing machines can be set up for free-motion quilting and the instructions tell you how. If you have a mid-arm or longarm machine (whether sit-down or frame-mounted), Free-Motion Mastery in a Month will work for you too.
You don't have time to practice.
You’ll be surprised by how much you can learn without being at the sewing machine at all. You can do the tracing and drawing exercises whenever, wherever you pause for a few minutes – during commercials on TV, while you’re on the phone, or while you’re traveling. And it’s a lot easier to make time for quilting just one block than for a whole quilt!

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