Free-Motion Mastery in a Month Deluxe Bundle - Online Streaming Format (Video + Book + Tool Kit)

  • Free-Motion Mastery In a Month
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  • The Free-Motion Mastery in a Month system draws on my 25 years experience as a piano teacher to bring you the simplest, most effective method ever for learning or improving free-motion quilting skills.

    The FMM30 system combines three teaching elements: Tracing, Drawing and Quilting. Begin by tracing designs with the Master Trainer and Tracing Sheets to build muscle memory before you go to the sewing machine.  Next, draw the same designs in a sketchbook to train your "mental map". Finally, quilt one block a day to bring together all these skills for successful quilting in record time!

    The video class includes 30 units -- one for each daily lesson -- showing you exactly how to do each exercise and quilt each pattern. 5 additional lessons show you how to set up your sewing machine, select fabric, and more. Over 7 hours of instruction are included, and downloads provide the written materials for the class. This bundle also includes the Free-Motion Mastery book.

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  • The Deluxe Bundle contains:

    • Free-Motion Mastery in a Month video class online
    • Free-Motion Mastery in a Month book
    • Standard Master Trainer (for domestic machines) OR
      Longarm Master Trainer (for longarms, both sit-down and standing, and large domestic machines)
    • 10 Tracing Sheets (laminated, double-sided)
    • Dry-erase marker
    • Erasing cloth
    • Anchoring putty (to keep Tracing Sheets in place while doing tracing exercises)
    • Sketchbook
    • Mechanical pencil
    • 4 Gripper pads
    • Zippered tote bag

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