Information on In-Person Workshops, Trunk Shows & Lectures can be found here. Information about online classes can be found at the bottom of this page.

In-Person Workshops, Trunk Shows & Lectures

If your organization would like to book RaNae for workshops, trunk shows or lectures, please contact RaNae at

Contact Here  

(212) 316-2063

(10 am-5 pm Mon-Sat, Eastern time).

The information below will provide many answers; more detailed explanations can be found in the information packet that accompanies the contract. Click on the link below to download:

Download Contract

If your organization has its own contract, please cross out any sections that are in conflict with RaNae's contract and send both contracts. Completed contracts and accompanying documents should be mailed or scanned and emailed to the address found in the information packet and contract. If you have questions, please contact RaNae here.

A W-9 form will be included when a signed contract is returned to you.

Workshop Fees

Workshop Fees are as follows unless stated otherwise in the workshop description:
Lectures & Trunk Shows: $400 if scheduled on the same day as another workshop or lecture; $500 if no other lecture or workshop is scheduled on that day.<
Half-Day (3-hour) Workshops: For up to 25 students, $400 if scheduled on the same day as another workshop or lecture; $500 if no other lecture or workshop is scheduled on that day. Additional students $20 per each student over 25.
Full-Day (6-Hour) Workshops & Multi-Day Classes: $800 per day for up to 25 students. Additional students $30 each. 

Please note the following:

If you would like to enroll more than 25 students in a workshop, please check before doing so. While we would like to be able to accomodate everyone who wants to take a class, more students means less of RaNae's time for each student, so special arrangements may need to be made for large workshops and additional materials must be prepared ahead of time.

Two half-day workshops and a lecture may be scheduled in a single day, or a full-day workshop and a lecture may be scheduled in the same day. Three half-day workshops or a full-day workshop and a half-day workshop may not be scheduled in a single day.

Six-hour classes require six hours of CLASS time. Time for a lunch break should be scheduled in addition to class time. A 6-hour class with a 1-hour lunch break should be scheduled, for example, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

A deposit of $150 per day of teaching is due with the signed contract. In case of cancellation, please refer to the cancellation policy spelled out in the contract.

Minimum Bookings: As a general guideline, the amount of time booked must equal or exceed the travel time to get to and from the event. For example, if travel time to your event is 4 hours each way (total 8 hours) the minimum booking would be one full-day workshop or two Trunk Show/Lectures or a Trunk show and a half-day workshop within the same day. If your event is within 2 hours of New York City, the minimum is a single Trunk Show/Lecture. If in doubt, please ask. 

Shared Bookings: You may combine events with another presenter to meet the minimum booking and share expenses. When possible, we will help you combine your event with other events in RaNae's calendar.

Lodging, Meals & Other Expenses

All lodging, meals and travel expenses are the responsibility of the presenting guild(s). A complete description of expenses is contained in the Contract. Travel arrangements will be made keeping in mind both practicality and economy. In some cases, lodging may be provided in guild members' homes, provided the accomodations are non-smoking, private, clean and quiet; this should be arranged in advance. Meals may be provided by members or in restaurants, as suits the situation. (Please provide low-fat meals with plenty of vegetables.) In order to simplify accounting, a per diem may be assessed on days when meals are not provided by the presenter.

Shared expenses: As a general rule, expenses of cooperating presenters will be divided equally (or prorated, if appropriate) among them. If RaNae has scheduled several separate presenters in a trip, travel to and accomodations at each presenter will be the responsibility of each presenter. 

Materials Lists for Workshops

Materials lists for online classes are sent upon registration.

Materials lists for in-person workshops are available as downloadable PDF documents on the individual page for each workshop. These may be printed or emailed to workshop participants. Text-only versions are also included at the bottom of most class description pages, which can be cut-and-pasted into your newsletter or website.

Promotional Materials

RaNae's Photo & Bio Click on this link, or on the "Meet RaNae" link on the top bar of this page. You can download photos and copy the biography text to use in newsletters, class lists, introductions, etc.

Course descriptions and images for use in brochures and other publicity materials can be found on the individual page for each workshop. Click "Teaching" at the top of this page.

Links to RaNae's website and blogs may also be included in promotional materials: Website: Spiromaniacs Blog: 
Spiromandalas Blog:

Lecture Hall & Classroom Requirements

General requirements can be found on the Logistics page of the information packet. Any additional requirements specific to a particular class or lecture can be found on the individual page for that event. Please check prior to your event for updates.

Equipment Needed For Lectures:

___ At least two large tables - one for lecture materials and quilts, another to set up items for sale
___ Public address system for audiences of more than 50 people 

Classroom Requirements for Workshops:

___ At least two large tables - one for lecture materials and quilts, another to set up items for sale
___ Table space for students with enough room for each student to work at a sewing machine, with a cutting board next to it. Try to arrange tables so that all students’ work areas are equally accessible. For example, don’t place a long table for two students with one end against a wall and the other on an aisle 
___ Outlets and electrical capacity to support sewing machines and one or two irons. Access to the circuit breaker box is very important in case this is miscalculated. Do not ignore this requirement. 
___ Room must have adequate lighting and ventilation.

Photography at In-Person Lectures & Workshops

All the quilts that RaNae shows at lectures and workshops are copyright protected under U.S. law. Because of this, please observe the following guidelines with respect to photography:

The photographs provided on RaNae’s workshop pages may be used in the Presenter’s promotional materials, including websites or blogs, to promote events in which RaNae is involved. Photography of RaNae’s quilts in lectures, workshops or other events is permitted only by an official representative of the guild, for guild archives, and RaNae must appear with her quilt(s) in all photographs. Photographs in workshops are limited to pictures by an official guild representative of workshop activities; these photos may be used on the Presenter’s official publications, including website or blog. Video is not permitted under any circumstances. Photographs of RaNae’s quilts may not be posted on any personal or private website, blog or other media. As an alternative, links to RaNae’s gallery ( may be included on a blog or website. For any photography outside these guidelines, please ask in advance. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Cancellation Policy

In-Person Engagements: Engagements may be cancelled 60 days or more prior to an event, with certain restrictions. Please refer to the Information Packet for complete details.

Accuracy of Calendar Listings

While we do our best to provide accurate information for events in the calendar, changes or errors may occur. Always check with the presenter (guild, show, etc.) for the most accurate and up-to-date information.


Online Classes

You can register and pay for online classes online, by phone, by fax or by mail. To register online, go to the Online Classes section of the store either through the link at the top of the page or by clicking "Full Description" under the class listing on the Workshops page. For other methods, refer to the Ordering & Policies page. Please note that there is a limited number of spaces in each class, and registration is first-come, first-served. Online, email and phone registration are the best ways to assure that you get a place in the class you want. A materials list is sent via email after registration.

How do online classes work? An "online classroom" is set up for the class, and the weekly class materials are posted there. Download them and work through the materials at your convenience. At any time you can write questions/comments and post photos in the online classroom, and your questions are answered by RaNae in the same way, usually within 24 hours. Other class participants can comment on your questions as well, so everyone shares in the learning and teaching process. To get a feel for how it works, look at the Work-in-Progress pages on the Spiromaniacs Blog. (For even more detail about how online classes work, click here.) 

In order to participate in online classes you'll need a computer with a fast enough connection to let you download documents of up to 5 pages. Instructions for signing in to the classroom and for formatting photographs for the classroom will be sent upon registration.

Cancellation Policy for Online Classes

Registration fees are refundable in full up to the start of the class, minus the amount of any discount on books or materials purchased at the class discount price. Once the class has begun, no refunds will be given.

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