Translucent Foundation Sheets

These lightweight non-woven fabric foundation sheets are ideal for sewing spirals or any foundation piecing:

- Translucent, so you can see the design from both sides; place fabric on the FRONT, not the back so the design is not reversed

- Print directly onto them with an inkjet or laser jet printer

- Write or stamp on them

- Can be left in or easily torn away

- Light enough to quilt through, and will not deteriorate if left in

- Size: 8-1/2" x 11"

- 25 Sheets per package

Note: You may receive a package of EQ Printables Foundation Sheets or Fun-dation Sheets.  They are the same product, same manufacturer, just different packaging.

What's the difference between translucent foundation sheets and Simply Amazing Translucent Foundation Paper? 

EQ Printables can stay in. You can print them on inkjet printer, but not on a laser or photocopier.

Simply Amazing Foundation Paper must be removed. You can print it on inkjet or laser printers, or with a photocopier.

Both are translucent and are equally easy to sew on.

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