Seam Roller

This is my hands-down favorite tool for so many reasons -- I barely touch my iron any more!

An ideal gift for all your quilting friends!

Use this seam roller to quickly and easily press any seam without an iron. The specially curved wooden barrel presses seams firmly without friction and without indenting the seam allowance into the surface fabric.

1) Save time - press right at the sewing machine, never wait for an iron to re-heat

2) Save money - cuts your electric bill (It will pay for itself in savings!)

3) Save the environment - you're not using electricity, so you're not burning fuel

4) At workshops - light and easy to carry, no need for an iron & extension cord, no hunting for an outlet (or blowing fuses), no waiting in line to use the class iron

5) In summertime - no hot iron heating up your sewing room!

6) Friction-free pressing keeps fabric strong along seam lines and doesn't stretch seam.

7) Feels great on your shoulders and back after you've been quilting for a while!

"I'm a tool freak and I constantly look for new tools that improve the quilting process. The Seam Roller is incredible. I just finished a quilt top using the Seam Roller. I never had to plug in the iron, yet the seams lie flat and straight. I've just ordered three more as Christmas gifts. Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful tool." -- Rita O.

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