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Friends, I hear it all the time when I talk to people about starting Free-Motion Mastery in a Month

"I don't have the time."
"I'm so busy, I'll start when things slow down"

I want to tell you, I feel your pain. My To Do list feels endless and when someone hits me with something new to try, I often feel the same way.

But I want you to know I structured Free-Motion Mastery in a Month so you DON'T have to wait until you have time. The practice is all set up in 5-10 minute increments.  And here are the three things you can do to fit into your busy, busy life the small free-motion quilting exercises that will make a BIG impact on your free-motion quilting skills.

Tactic #1: Set up Tracing Stations

The Tracing exercises in FMM30 don't require you to be at a sewing machine at all, and yet they are SO powerful! You'll be really amazed at how much your quilting improves just by doing these easy little exercises for five minutes, a couple of times a day.

How to get them done?

Look around your house (and your office, if you still work) and find 3-4 places where you sit for a few minutes.  They can be next to your TV chair, by your telephone, where you drink your morning coffee, on your bedside table. Put a copy of the 6 Basic Shapes Tracing Sheet in each of these spots (it's on the back of the Getting Started Guide -- just click the turquoise rectangle at the bottom RH corner of this page -- or it's the first Tracing Sheet in the book). Grab a few clear deli container lids, put a black dot in the center of each one with a Sharpie, and put them with the Tracing Sheets.  Now, every time you find yourself sitting in one of these spots, just trace through the sheet. The best time? during the commercials if you watch TV.

If you want to get even more out of this, add some scratch paper and a pencil to your tracing station so you can also do a drawing exercise too.

Doing this tracing for 5 minutes a few times a day will SUPERCHARGE your free-motion quilting practice. If you don't believe me, just try it for a few days!

Tactic #2: Cut and Sandwich your blocks ahead of time

Pick out your fabric and set it by your sewing machine. Then, when you've had a really frustrating day, TEAR that fabric into pieces (one yard makes twelve 11" x 12" pieces). Oh, that ripping sound feels SO good!

Now, just sandwich those blocks and set them by your sewing machine. Your reward at the end of a day is to quilt one block. 15-20 minutes and you're DONE! (It might be the only thing you manage to cross off your To Do list that day.) Just getting it done will give you that SUPERCHARGED feeling!

Tactic #3: Let Me Do To Tool Kit for You

Telling yourself you're going to put together your own tool kit sets you up for weeks or even months of procrastination. On the other hand If you had the tool kit already put together you can start the day you get it and already master free-motion quilting in that time! That's why we put together the tool kit for you. Buy it with the book (and the video class, if you want) in one of our bundles. You're good to go the day it arrives, and just getting started is the biggest SUPERCHARGE of all!

Happy Quilting! ~ RaNae


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Sharon Jones
Sharon Jones

October 02, 2019

Thank you, I can do this. I am going through radiation and I find it hard to concentrate on learning new skills. This is giving me the encouragement to have everything ready to sit at my machine.


October 02, 2019

Very helpful post thank you

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