Swan Amity Quilting Gloves -
the BEST quilting gloves ever!


The minute I put my hand into a Swan Amity Quilting Glove I knew it was a game changer. I never liked quilting with gloves on a domestic sewing machine or a sit-down longarm -- until now. I love the Swan Amity Quilting Gloves for so many reasons! You can read about them below, but let's get right to the point: here is how to choose the right size:

Amity gloves are sized by the length of your fingers. Hold your fingers out straight and slide a ruler between your middle and index fingers. Record the length of both fingers. If you maintain longer finger nails please take that into consideration. Compare your recorded lengths with the sizes below and choose a size that best suits your hands. It is more important to choose a length that fits your middle finger, though that may seem slightly long for your index finger. 

Petite: Index finger 2-3/4" Middle finger 3"
Small: Index figer 2-7/8" Middle finger 3-1/8"
Medium: Index finger 3" Middle finger 3-1/4"
Large: Index finger 3-1/4" Middle finger 3-1/2"

Now, back to those reasons:

Reason #1: They have pillowed palms

This one feature clinched it for me. Pillowed palms are the biggest reason these gloves are so much better than any other glove I have ever tried. Why are pillowed palms so important?

In order to manage your fabric securely as you quilt on a domestic sewing machine or a sit-down longarm, you need to have a solid grip on it. In order to grip the fabric, quilters often quilt with FLAT hands. The problem? This creates a LOT of tension in your hands, arms, shoulders, neck and back.

But the pillowed palms in the Swan Amity Glove change all that.

The pillows in the Swan Amity Glove allow you to quilt with a CURVED, relaxed hand while still giving you a solid grip on the fabric. This helps you quilt more smoothly, tire less and eliminate pain in your hands, arms, shoulders, neck and back. 

Reason #2: The fingers are touch-screen sensitive

The fingertips of the covered fingertips have screen-sensitive touch pads, so you don't have to remove the glove to use a touch screen on your electronic sewing machine, your iPad or your phone.

Reason #3: They are cool

The back is made of breathable mesh - same as sports gloves - and the missing 3rd and 4th fingers are like a breeze through an open window. The missing fingers also help me keep a tactile connection with my fabric.

Reason #4: They fit 

The snug, responsive fit helps the fabric move with my hands. (It's like the tight suspension on a sports car.)

Reason #5: They support your wrists

The wrist band supports your wrist, and the Velcro closure adjusts to fit you.

 Try a pair of Swan Amity Quilting Gloves and feel the difference,
then share them with your friends!

Happy Quilting!

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