Free-Motion Mastery in a Month: Quantum Leap! (1-day Workshop for Guilds, Stores & Shows)

This class is available LIVE ONLINE through the Zoom platform. Please contact RaNae for more information.

Want to learn to do free-motion quilting but don’t know where to start? Can you do a few simple patterns but you want to expand your creativity? Have you taken other classes and failed? Are you afraid you’ll ruin that beautiful top you spent weeks piecing?

This is the class for you!

RaNae's unique teaching system and specialized tools guide you step-by-step through simple exercises that will get you moving comfortably at the sewing machine and build your quilting skills as you quilt one block at a time. You'll make a quantum leap in your FMQ skills during the class and go home with a practice plan to continue building your skills. You'll leave class saying "I can DO this!"

In this class you will learn how to:
- Pre-train your hands anytime, anywhere, before you sit down at the sewing machine.
- Set up your machine for free-motion quilting
- Move your hands, your body and the quilt for relaxed, efficient quilting
- Quilt the fundamental shapes that are the basis for all quilting patterns
- Join pre-quilted blocks to make a quilt of any size

The class is taught on domestic sewing machines, but the principles and exercises work equally well on a sit down or frame-mounted long-arm. The book includes instructions for domestic machines, as well as both sit-down and frame-mounted long-arm machines.

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful class at Oak Island Beach Quilters. I am hooked and ready to commit to a month of learning!"

~~ Donna

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Class Materials: 
Click on "Download Material List" above for complete class preparation instructions. If you received a materials list from a store or show that is different from the list here, follow the instructions in the list you received from the event.

The following items are strongly recommended for use in class (you will get more out of the class if you have them). If you do not already have them, purchase them in or before class. (Click here to view and purchase these materials in the store)

  • A copy of the Free-Motion Mastery in a Month book (It's a good idea to purchase at least the book before class, so you have an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the material).

  • A FMM30 Tool Kit (see materials list or click on the link above for details and options)

If you are taking the class at a store, check with the store for purchase options. If you are taking the class at a show, guild or other event, you can purchase a fabric kit in class or through in my online store (click here).

Fabric Kits:
Fabric Kits contain pre-cut fabric for front, back, border, joining strips & binding; matching thread; and batting. To pre-order, send me an email using the "Contact" button on the brown bar above (example shown at top of page, various fabrics available): $30

if you are taking this class at a store, check with the store for purchase options. If you are taking the class at a show, guild or other event, please pre-order fabric kits by clicking on the links above. Or, a fabric kit may be included with the class registration. Follow the instructions on the materials list for that event. Order a few weeks in advance of your event, as I may be traveling to other events before yours.

A sewing machine is required for this class. Please refer to the materials list for necessary accessories and set-up instructions. If you are taking the class at a show, and the show materials say that machines are provided, then the machines will include foot, bobbins and thread.


Information for Presenters:

This class is available LIVE ONLINE through the zoom platform. Please contact RaNae for more information.

Please download and use the any photos above in your marketing by right clicking and "Save Image As".

Short class description (75 words):

Want to learn to do free-motion quilting but don’t know where to start or how to improve? Let RaNae guide you through simple exercises that quickly get you comfortable at the sewing machine and build your quilting skills one shape at a time.You'll go home with a practice plan to continue building your skills. But best of all, you'll leave class saying "I can DO this!"


Text version of materials info to cut-and-paste in newsletter/website/etc.:

The  materials list for this class is available from the presenter.

FMM30 Book and Tool Kit (Check materials list for full description):
-- A copy of Free-Motion Mastery in a Month book
-- An FMM30 Tool Kit (see materials list for details)

Fabric and Thread for 15" wall hanging (MUST be pre-cut):
Block #1: (Large center motif)
Front: 1 block 12” x 11” with a large, clearly-outline motif like the butterfly in top image on page 1. It should have about 50% empty background space - solid color, no pattern.)
Back: 1 block 12" x 11" Any fabric is fine
Blocks #2 & #3: (Borders)
Front: 2 blocks 12” x 11” in a solid light color
Back: 2 blocks 12" x 11" in a solid dark color
Joining Strips & Binding: Solid or tiny print, in a different coordinating color. (These are not used in class but are needed to finish the wall hanging at home.) 
2 strips 1” x WOF (WOF=Width of Fabric, 42"-45")
2 strips 1-3/4” x WOF
2 strips 2.5" x WOF
Batting: 3 pieces 12” x 11” (Cotton or poly-cotton, not poofy polyester or wool. Fusible batting is best.) 
Thread: 1 spool, in a medium value that contrasts with both the light and dark fabrics in Blocks 2 & 3. It is used for both top and bobbin.  Please bring 2 bobbins pre-wound. High-quality cotton, new (don’t bring old thread), 40 or 50 weight

Sewing tools: Basic sewing supplies (including thread-trimming scissors and seam ripper). 12 safety pins (if not using fusible batting). Optional: Silicone "slider" sheet to cover sewing machine throat.

Sewing machine accessories and set-up: (Read and carefully follow instructions in materials list): Make sure the machine is working, cleaned and lubricated. Sew on it before you come to class to test it! Know how to drop the feed dogs. Know how to adjust the tension. Bring the instruction manual. Free-motion quilting foot or darning foot (make sure it is the correct foot for your machine and know how to attach it. Test it before class to make sure that it fits and that you can move the fabric under the foot when the presser foot is down), 2 empty bobbins, new needles in sizes 80/12 and 90/14 “Universal’ and “Quilting” types.

Note to Presenters (Show, Store or Guild):
It is very helpful to have a helper in the classroom that can assist with sewing machine issues. If sewing machines are provided at a show, this is usually a representative from the sewing machine manufacturer. At stores and guilds, if there is someone who can assist in this way, it will help the class move more smoothly for everyone. Thank you.

Length: 1 day (6 hours) or multi-day (depending on venue)
Project: Free-motion quilted wall hanging or quilt
Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Prerequisites: Basic sewing skills
Materials Fee: Book & Tool kit recommended but not required; may be purchased online before class (click here) or in person at the class. Please see materials list for options and prices. Optional fabric kits are also available (see below).

Materials List for 1-day Workshop

Materials List for Multi-day Workshop

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