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Last week my beloved BERNINA 440 (thank you, Galyna, if you are reading this!) had to go to the doctor. A piece broke off in the bobbin race and had to be replaced. 

In order to figure that out I had to do a bit of snooping around in the bobbin area and as you know, that is that darkest, most difficult part of your sewing machine to see. The light from the arm of the machine doesn't help -- it actually casts a shadow in the bobbin area making it even harder to see in there. And if your bobbin race sits down in a table like mine, or if you're a longarmer and the bobbin race is all the way under the table or the frame and the quilt, it's even darker!  AND if (like me) you're over 50, your eyes need even more light than before to be able to see anything clearly.

Obviously, you need a little extra light. Emphasis on LITTLE so it doesn't fill up your whole sewing drawer the way a flashlight would. The solution? A keychain light.

A keychain light is just the right size to get down into small spaces. I can even put it on a ribbon around my neck if I want to. It takes up no space in my tools drawer so it's always right there when I need it. 

Every now and then I receive a keychain light as a promo for something or other and it goes right into my sewing drawer. If you wanted to have them made -- for example as gifts for your guild -- you could have your guild name put on them.  (I like 4imprint.com for this sort of thing. Here's a link to a keychain light.)
Happy Quilting!
RaNae :)
P.S. They're great for camping too -- I keep one permanently in the corner pocket of my tent -- even when it's packed away -- so I always have a light handy.

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Christine Washington
Christine Washington

June 19, 2023

I have been using a little head lamp to look into my machine. It keeps both my hands free.

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