September 03, 2021

I LOVE fruit pie. Apple, cherry, any kind of berry . .  . yum! They make the best desserts, and when I was a kid my mom she even used to let us have pie for breakfast.

But pies can be a hassle to make. And even when I "cheat" and use pre-made pie crust there's still a mess to clean up, and getting the center perfectly cooked and gelled is a chancy proposition.

But galettes change that -- imagine a cross between a pie and a tart, sort of freeform with an open top.  Just roll out some crust (or unroll the package), put some fruit and jam on top, fold over the edges, bake and yum!

This week I discovered a way to make them even easier, with even less mess. My grocery store only had pre-made pie crust in the foil pans, not the Pillsbury rolled sheets. So I just took out a pan, bought it to room temp (very important - read on), filled it with jam and fruit, and flopped the sides over. Voila! Perfect gallette, no spilled burnt juices, no pan to clean. It could not have been easier!

So, with all the wonderful end-of-summer fruits here now (peaches, plums - the gallette shown here used nectarines) and fall fruits coming on (apples, pears, maybe even a sweet squash?) I will be enjoying galettes often -- for dessert and for breakfast!

How to make a galette:

Roll out a single sheet of frozen pie crust on a baking sheet, or use a single frozen crust in a foil pan (see photo above).

Spread the center of the pie crust with a layer of jam -- apricot, raspberry, marmalade, whatever you have or you think will work well with the fruit you have. If you're using a flat sheet of pie crust keep the jam about 1" inside the edge of the crust.  If you don't have jam, sprinkle about a teaspoon of corn starch over the surface of the crust where it will be covered by the fruit. This will help gel the fruit juices.

Cut up whatever fruit you want to use and arrange it in a single layer in the center of the pie crust over the jam.

Sprinkle with whatever spice you feel like using -- I like cinnamon, nutmeg or ground cardamom. If you wish, sprinkle a few drops of vanilla over the fruit. Or add a bit of lemon or orange zest.

If you used corn starch instead of jam, sprinkle a bit of sugar over the fruit. (You can mix the spices and/or other flavorings into into the sugar if you wish.)

Fold the edges of the pie crust in over the edge of the fruit. (If you are using a pie crust in a tin, this is when it's really important that the crust be fully thawed, because if the crust is not soft it will break rather than bend.)

Dot the fruit with a few small pieces of butter -- 1-2 teaspooons worth

Bake at 400 for 35-40 minutes.

While it's baking, mix a bit of sugar, brown sugar, or honey into some sour cream or Greek yoghurt. You can also include lemon zest, orange zest, vanilla or spices if you wish.

Serve warm with spoonfuls of cream or vanilla ice cream on top.

(Try to save some for breakfast -- or bake an extra!)

Happy Quilting (and baking)!
RaNae :)

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