December 13, 2022

Last summer I was working in my studio and it was hot. And my icy cold bottle of water started sweating all over my cutting table. I needed a coaster! But have you ever noticed that most coasters don't REALLY do the job? Most of them are flat, so the moisture just runs right off the coaster onto the table . . . and then really, what was the point of the coaster, except for someone to make a couple of bucks on a cheesy souvenir?

Well, that day I invented The Ultimate Coaster. And it worked GREAT! (If Harry Potter had a spell for these, it would be "Moisture Managed!") if you need a coaster, or a small gift with a personal "quilty" touch, you can whip these up in a few minutes using your pre-quilted FMM30 practice blocks.

1. Grab a few jar lids (peanut butter jars are just the right size, or I like the gingham lids on Bonne Maman jam jars. collected a bunch of  them from friends.)

2. Get out your pre-quilted FMM30 practice blocks, or the tester block from a recent quilt, or quilt some fabric specially for this project.

3. Using a dry-erase marker, trace around the lid onto your pre-quilted fabric. (Use a dry-erase so that the ink doesn't permanently mark the lid).

4. Cut out the circle along the inside of the line so it's ever-so-slightly smaller than the lid.

5. Pop the cut-out circle into the lid.

Tip: If you want to go to just  a bit more effort, you could spray-paint metal lids all the same color.
Happy Quilting! ~ RaNae

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