November 11, 2022

International Quilt Festival in Houston always showcases the MOST amazing quilts. When I look at quilts in shows, I always keep an eye out for quilts with the most interesting quilting, and this one -- Softened Precision by Beatrice Gilbert, for me, stood out for me head and shoulders above the rest.

 I love the interplay of the quilting and the piecing in this quilt -- the quilting doesn't "play second fiddle" to it, but rather is a full partner in the quilt design. I love the many textures used and the way that the quilting includes circles that echo the piecing. I could look at this quilt for hours!

Here are a couple of detail shots to inspire you:

And finally, here's the artist's statement:


Epilogue, 12/12/22:

The other day I was delighted to read a comment from Beatrice on my FB post that featured this quilt.  And I was SUPER delighted to read that she had used Free-Motion Mastery in a Month to develop the quilting skills she used to create this beautiful quilt! 

Sometimes life circles around in small but thrilling ways, and reading this was one of those moments for me. Thank you, Beatrice!

Happy Quilting! ~ RaNae

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