February 13, 2021

I’ve been playing in my studio all day (still in my PJ’s) ….. I woke up itching to work on my next t-shirt quilt. All the t-shirts I bought at the thrift store the other day have power words on them, and I found this incredibly gawdy fabric in my stash that has LOTS of gold lacquer on it. So this quilt will be a “power” quilt and it will have LOTS of bling!

Here’s the first block I did a couple of nights ago:

And here’s the one I did this morning:



Seeing all those cut-off strips of t-shirt had me thinking about making a rag rug, so this afternoon I sewed them all together. I needed a big crochet hook and I didn’t want to wait to order one.  So, I looked around the house and this is what I found:

And I’ve already used up all the strips I had!
Time to get out of PJs and head out for a walk.  Weather says we’re going to get some more snow tonight!

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