January 19, 2021

This is the t-shirt quilt I made in Fall 2020 out of t-shirts collected from my kayaking adventures over the past several years. It was such a joy to make, and it is now my FAVORITE quilt. But more than just loving it, I discovered an unexpected and truly life-changing benefit of this quilt: it helps me sleep better.

Like many of you, during the COVID crisis I have had a great deal of difficulty falling asleep. I would get into bed and then the worries would begin to fly through my brain. Sometimes I tried turning on a video and it would help, but if I did fall asleep it wasn't really deep, restful sleep.

But with this quilt, I find that when it is time to go to bed, I look at the quilt and start remembering happy times. As I snuggle down under it I stroke the various shirts and recall beautiful places, wonderful friends and happy adventures. Worries don't come to mind, and I fall into deep peaceful sleep. 

The effect is real, and it works.

If you have a stack of t-shirts waiting to become a quilt, join my T-Shirt Quilt . . . As You Go! Cluband let's make that quilt together. Click here to learn more or click on the CONTACT button above to email me. 

Happy Quilting and Sweet Dreams!

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