April 18, 2022

For the solid colors, I used two blocks of each of four colors: acid green, light blue, dark green and celery. I used the print in the lower left-hand corner for the back of the large print blocks. 

On the first couple of solid blocks, I simply quilted whatever pattern I wanted to practice that day.

Here's the first block, where I practiced straight-line designs, Lesson 12 in the book.

Here's the second one. This was a practice blocks for C-curves, Lesson 13 in the book.

But, pretty quickly I realized that the quilt would look best if I divided the solid blocks with perpendicular and diagonal lines similar to the large print fabric, then filled in those areas with patterns similar to what I was quilting on the large print fabric. I did this more and more on the next few blocks.

The block below focuses primarily on Teardrops, Lesson 15 in the book.


This practice block uses a mix of the 6 Basic Shapes - Lines, C-curves, Circles, Teardrops, S-curves and Spirals.

Lots of S-curves, Lesson 17, on the block below.

And another block that mixes up all the 6 Basic Shapes.

Notice that one of the divisions in the most of blocks above is a wide stripe filled with pebbles and spirals; this is the same design used in the large print blocks on the wide green stripes.

In Part 3 I'll show you the quilting on the large print blocks.

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