April 13, 2022

For the lessons in FMM30 you quilt 8 blocks of a large print fabric and 8 blocks of solid color fabric. The blocks don't have to be perfect or even planned. They just have to be quilted. 

This series of posts will show how I quilted the blocks in my quilt God's Eye in the Storm.

It all began with this wild fabric I found on a bargain shelf. It's Passage in Midnight by Anna Maria Horner. (Often I find fabrics there that no one knows quite what to do with. I instantly saw the possibilities and bought a yard!)

When you have a very structured fabric like this one often the quilting is often guided by the fabric. I was intrigued by the possibilities presented by the combination of perpendicular and diagonal lines, how I might quilt in them, and how I might cut up the quilted blocks to create a unique quilt design.

In Part 2, I show you how I quilted some of the solid color blocks.

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