April 25, 2022

The large print fabric in God's Eye in the Storm is a really unique design by Anna Maria Horner called Passing in Midnight.  Here are some of the blocks from that fabric, showing how I quilted them.

When you have a very structured fabric like this, often the quilting is guided by the fabric. One of the things I did to unify the quilting, especially since the solid-color blocks had different patterns on them, was to quilt the same pattern in the similar areas of the fabric throughout all the blocks. The pebbles and spirals in the wide green stripe are one example.

String of Pearls was a really useful quilting design for the narrow stripes that included flowers.
I used Zebra Stripes in the green-flecked stripes. 

I quilted partial Teardrop Daisies in triangular spaces.

Selecting a few quilting motifs and then applying them in similar areas of the quilt can create both variety and unity in the overall quilting design. This is a wonderful approach for working with sampler quilts, by the way.

In Part 4 I'll show you how I cut the blocks in order to recombine them into the final quilt layout.

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