Free-Motion Mastery in a Month Book 1st Edition Update

This update is available only until June 30.

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Free-Motion Mastery in a Month
to add the new information in the 2nd Edition.

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They say that if you want to learn something well, teach it.  As I've taught FMM30 to thousands of students, I’ve learned a great deal from them, and the more I’ve learned, the more I’ve wanted to share it. So, I updated FMM30 in a 2nd edition. In the course of improving and expanding sections of the book, I’ve added 28 new pages and made significant updates to more. I don’t want users of the 1st edition to miss out (especially if you purchased the book recently), so for a limited time I’m making the updated pages available--more than 40 pages in all!--along with instructions about where to insert them into the 1st edition. The update also includes free access to the new Quilting Yoga videos.

  • Quilting Yoga: This new series of whole-body exercises helps you get the rhythm, speed and flow of quilting into your body even more quickly. Quilting Yoga has been added to most Daily Lessons and access to the videos is included. (Page 42)
  • Expanded Quilting Guides and Improved Tracing Sheets: Over 15 new pages of detailed instructions for quilting all the patterns on updated Tracing Sheets. (Quilting Guides begin on page 111)
  • Fast Track: An accelerated path through the most important lessons and patterns will get you quilting in as little as one day! (Page 43)
  • What Do I Quilt Where? A new section about choosing designs and placing them on a quilt. (Page 98)
  • For Longarm Machines: More information about working on a frame-mounted longarm machine for FMM30. (Pages 30, 86 and more)
  • Improved Assembly Instructions: These now include how to assemble points more accurately and how to change color in a joining strip. (Page 100)
  • Pre-Binding Borders: Bind your quilt much easier and faster by putting bindings on the borders before you attach them to your quilt. (Page 104)
  • More information about thread (page 90), marking your quilt (page 119), cutting joining strips (page 31), and much more.

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Free-Motion Mastery in a Month draws on my 25 years experience as a piano teacher to bring you the simplest, most effective system ever for learning or improving free-motion quilting skills. The FMM30 system breaks down the learning process into 30 simple daily lessons that combine four teaching elements: Body Movement, Tracing, Drawing and Quilting. 

Free-Motion Mastery in a Month is designed to be a self-guided course, guiding you through the right steps, in the right order to learn free-motion quilting easily and quickly. Video classes and live online classes are also available. To learn more, click here

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