Free-Motion Mastery Tool Kit

This Tool Kit contains:

  • Master Trainer 4-in-1 Tool
  • Quilting Yoga videos
  • 10 laminated Tracing Sheets
  • Dry-erase white board
  • Dry-erase marker
  • Erasing cloth
  • 4 Gripper pads (to hold fabric while quilting)
  • Zippered, reusable tote bag

Please note the book is not included in this kit.  If you would like to purchase the book and the kit together, purchase the Bundle (and get a discount).

Information for Retailers:

Quilting Yoga videos are delivered as streaming videos that purchasers of FMM30 books and tool kits can access and use with the lessons. When you place your order, you will receive a PDF file called "How to Get and Use Quilting Yoga." This PDF tells the purchaser how to access the Quilting Yoga videos. Here's how to provide that information to your FMM30 customer:

For brick-and-mortar sales
When you place your order, you will receive your shipment of FMM30 books, tool kits or DVDs, please print and insert a copy of "How to Get and Use Quilting Yoga" into each book, tool kit or DVD. Your customer can then use the information in the insert to get Quilting Yoga and the instructions for using it with FMM30.

For online sales
"How to Get and Use Quilting Yoga" to FMM30 products in your online store as a digital file so that, just as you received your copy, a customer can download the PDF when they purchase that product. If you can, also set up an automatic email that goes to the customer with the same PDF immediately after the sale.

Future editions of the book, and tool kit updates, will contain these instructions, but for now, thank you for helping us to enhance and improve your customer’s FMM30 experience.

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