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Welcome to Quilting Yoga (QY)! Don’t worry, you won’t be twisting yourself into  pretzels here. Quilting Yoga is an addition to the Free-Motion Mastery in a Month (FMM30)  lessons that help you learn free-motion quilting even faster and easier. 

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FMM30 is based on mastering 6 Basic Shapes that combine to create all quilting designs -- kind of like learning an alphabet of quilting. Quilting Yoga is a set of simple motions that form the 6 Basic Shapes with your whole body to help you develop rhythm, coordination and muscle memory. 

You can do Quilting Yoga alone or as part of the Free-Motion Mastery in a Month course in book or video format. If you purchased the full-length video class, Quilting Yoga is already included.

Use Quilting Yoga for a variety of purposes:
  • As part of the FMM30 daily lessons to accelerate the learning process.
  • As a “warm up” to get into form, rhythm and smooth flowing motion before you begin quilting.
  • To stretch and loosen up when you take a break during quilting.
  • To maintain or refresh your free-motion quilting movements if it has been a while since you quilted.
I hope you enjoy Quilting Yoga and find it helpful as you develop your free-motion quilting skills! 

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