February 07, 2020

As I've worked on my Free-Motion Mastery in a Month quilts over the past couple of years, I've kept a list of all the things I wish my square-up ruler would do. I've created a square-up ruler that includes my whole wish list and now it's ready to share with you! Keep reading to learn about its special features.... .

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Here are its special features:

Square-up lines in 1/8" increments for blocks from 8" to 10" along the bottom and one side. The lines can be positioned equally well for left-hand and right-hand users.

1/8" ruler along all outside edges

Special lines for:

Front Joining Strips
Back Joining Strips
Bindings (so you don't have to remember measurements)

1/3 of a 10" block (3-1/3", not on any regular ruler)
1/4 of a 10" block

1/3 of a 9" block
1/4 of a 9" block

1/4-square triangles for 9" and 10" blocks

Diagonals in 1/4" increments for blocks from 8" to 10"

Holes to put pins through the ruler for perfect centering

Hang hole

You're going to love using this square-up ruler for Free-Motion Mastery in a Month and more!  

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