April 03, 2023

Every now and then you just need a change of pace, and recently I decided to do a bit of knitting and crochet, just to have something relaxing for myself that wasn't in any way connected to the business of quilting.

I have a fondness for dragons, so I looked on Etsy for patterns for knitted or crocheted dragons -- and I found a BUNCH of them! Since I spend so much time on the road, my rule for "stuff" is that if it doesn't fit in my van (or my backpack or my carry-on) I don't want it. So, I looked patterns for little dragons. Meet my newest (crocheted) traveling companion, at about 3" long! (Pattern from OnaWhimCrochet)

I have another pattern, for an even smaller knitted one done on 1mm needles. We'll see how that goes.......

Happy Quilting (or knitting or crocheting)! ~ RaNae
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