April 03, 2023

A few years ago, I was up at my friend Tina's Fabric Nook in Granby, Colorado, working on a FMM30 quilt for my mom.  Tina lent me some really unusual-looking pins with long, ridged heads that I immediately fell in love with. I bought a pack of Taylor Seville Magic Quilting Pins and they are now a staple of my on-the-road sewing studio.  Fast forward a few years . . . I got an invitation from Taylor Seville to try out some more of their 15 different varieties of their Magic Pins.

I really like these pins because, first of all, they are SHARP. One thing that really bugs me when I'm working on a project is a dull pin that won't go through my fabric. I stopped buying cheap pins a long time ago for this very reason. 

And they are STRONG: pinning through multiple layers of fabric or through quilted blocks is not a problem -- they won't bend and end up in my trash instead of back in my pin cushion.

I love the HEADS on these -- they are so easy to grip! And yet, they are slender enough that when I'm cutting fabric (particularly quilted blocks), I can lay my rotary cutting ruler over them. And they are heat-resistant. (Ever get cheap plastic-head pins and watch them melt under an iron?)

Also check out the pins with numbers, letters, and arrows on the heads - they are great for organizing your sewing.

Happy Quilting! ~ RaNae
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