Reproducible Pattern License Terms & Conditions

Reproducible Pattern Licenses allow retailers to purchase a pattern from RaNae Merrill Quilt Design (RMQD) once, then sell it as many times as they wish in their own store, by either printing and selling a hard copy or offering a PDF copy in their online store.

By purchasing a Reproducible Pattern License from RaNae Merrill Quilt Design (“RMQD”) you, the Licensee (“You” or “Licensee”) accept and agree to the terms and conditions stated herein and as updated from time to time.

RMQD will prepare a locked PDF file of the pattern that is customized with Licensee’s store name and URL. Please allow 2-3 days to prepare and send your customized pattern.

Licensee agrees not to alter the pattern in any way. If any corrections or changes need to be made, please direct them in writing to If RMQD makes changes, they will be published on a public webpage where pattern users have access them, and/or an updated file will be sent to the Licensee. The address of the page is contained in the pattern.

The reproducible license allows Licensee to print and sell this pattern:
1) In LIcensee’s brick and mortar location(s);
2) At quilt shows where Licensee vends in person; or
3) As a downloadable PDF in Licensee’s online store.

The license does NOT allow the Licensee to make any changes to this pattern.

Licensee agrees to sell this pattern at the Minimum Advertised Price stated in the product description in the RMQD online store. You may not give it away at no charge, except:
1) the pattern may be included with the enrollment fee of a Free-Motion Mastery in a Month workshop; or
2) the pattern may be given as a free add-on with the purchase of Free-Motion Mastery in a Month book and tool kit.

Licensee may not sell the pattern through any third party or on any third-party website such as Amazon, Etsy, etc.

Licensee may not copy the Pattern onto a flash drive, CD or any other mass storage device in order to sell, give away or otherwise distribute this or any other RMQD pattern.

Licensee may not make any compilation of RMQD patterns to sell, give away or otherwise distribute as a collection in any form.

In the event that these terms or any applicable copyright law need to be enforced, Licensee will be responsible for any applicable licensing fees as well as all penalties due under the law and legal costs involved.

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