Online Meeting Training

Right now, quilters are so hungry to get together! Online meetings provide the link we need to keep our quilting communities strong and flourishing.  Having someone in your guild or store who is trained to run an online meeting is key to running meetings that are enjoyable for everyone. LOQC can train that person for you and tailor the training to fit your needs.

There are three parts to any successful online meeting: the Presenter, the Moderator and the Attendees. We teach you to perform all three roles so that you can run your meetings smoothly and professionally from every point of view.

Moderator Training
We teach Moderators how to run online events from beginning to end, including setting up the meeting, supporting a Presenter, teaching Attendees how to participate, and recording and following up the event. We include you in training sessions with the Presenter and Attendees to familiarize you with every aspect of successfully running an online meeting. Our Moderator Guide is a resource you can refer back to again and again as you conduct more meetings.
Presenter Training
Every Presenter and every presentation is different, whether you are presenting a board meeting, a hands-on workshop, or a lecture with slides or PowerPoint. We teach Presenters how to prepare in advance, and how to work as a team with a Moderator. We even do a one-on-one tech set-up in the Presenter's teaching space with her cameras, so the event looks professional and flows smoothly for your attendees! Our Presenter Guide takes you step by step through every aspect of preparation and set up.
Attendee Training
New Zoom users can feel uncomfortable with the idea of attending an online meeting. We set up open training sessions for Attendees to try out and learn Zoom before they actually participate in a meeting. We provide a Zoom Tools Guide that you can send to everyone all Attendees, so they have instructions for any device (phone, computer, tablet) easily at hand.
So Many Advantages . . . Now and in the Future
Online meetings are a necessity right now, but they offer many advantages in the future:
  • Participants who cannot attend an event in person can attend online.
  • Bringing Presenters to your guild via online meeting eliminates travel costs - bring teachers from anywhere in the world!
  • Schedule events even during months when weather is bad.
  • "Snowbird" members can continue to participate in the guild even when they are in their other homes. 
Learning to run online events successfully is an investment that will serve your organization for a long time to come.
If you would like to talk more with us about your online meeting needs,
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What our clients are saying . . . 

“Recently, our statewide guild decided to join the virtual quilt community, via Zoom, so we could continue to meet with our guildmates all around the state, take classes, continue our charity projects, have lectures and hold meetings. RaNae and the Live Online Quilt Classes staff did a great job getting our guild prepared for our virtual journey. Our moderators, teachers and all our members were invited to trainings specifically designed for them. All this helped everyone feel comfortable with this new way of holding meetings.”

Elizabeth Gibson
Program Chairman
Virginia Consortium of Quilters

"I recently contacted RaNae Merrill for help in transitioning my lectures and workshops to Zoom.  RaNae and her team were/are amazing to work with!  After the initial call, they developed a personal training plan to teach me the tools to comfortably use Zoom for my workshops and lectures.  The training covered all aspects from how to schedule meetings with Zoom, to setting up the cameras, to how to look good on camera.  RaNae is an excellent teacher and guide.  Her expertise and knowledge is outstanding!   I highly recommend working with RaNae - it was a fantastic experience."

Marge Tucker
Award winning quilter and instructor


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