For Stores: How to Host a Live Online Quilt Class

We can set up a Hosted Event or a Private Event for you.

With Hosted Events, you sell the event to your customers, and we also sell the event on our website. The explanation below is for Hosted Events.

With Private Events, the event is exclusively for your customers. We would work with you to design the event to suit your needs. 

Hosted Events

We begin by agreeing on the class, the dates, and the price.We can set up territory and calendar protections for your event so you are not competing with the same event in your area or at the same time.

You decide how many seats you want to guarantee (there is a minimum of 10). You reserve these at $7.50 per hour per seat. We take those seats out of inventory so we don't sell them. You can request more seats as long as seats are available.  Your store gets one complimentary seat -- this puts you on the mailing list so you receive all of our emails relating to that class and, of course, lets you attend the class. The number of seats available depends on the type of class -- we typically limit to about 30 for classes where teacher feedback is important. We may go higher for a class where less teacher involvement is required. 

We list the class in our store with a link to your store as the host of the class and a picture of your store if you provide one. We price the class at the same price you offer it in your store so we don't undercut you.. 

We provide links to your store as the host on promotional emails. We use links to direct students to your store to purchase products for the class. In most cases, you may purchase a teacher's products at wholesale directly from that teacher to offer for sale in your store.

We provide you links to the class pages, materials lists and any other publicly-available information about the class.  You may use these to promote the class on your website, emails, etc. You take enrollments from your customers in whatever way your store system is set up to do that.

If you want to make a fabric kit available for purchase, you are welcome to do so. If you want us to make it available for purchase on the class page, send us a photo and link.

Two days before the class, you and we close enrollment. You send us a spreadsheet with names and email addresses of your enrolled students. We invoice you for the number of seats you requested and guaranteed. Once we receive payment, we send you the meeting login information and passwords to student-only materials. You forward these to your enrolled students. We also send the information directly to all enrolled students (ours and yours). 

On the day of the class, we provide a moderator to handle the tech, and manage students logistic -- helping everyone sign in, managing classroom flow during the class so the teacher can focus just on teaching.

At the beginning and at the end of the class, your store representative will have an opportunity to welcome the group and talk about your store. This is an opportunity to showcase any promotions you might have, or feature a product that relates to the class.

After class you will receive any follow-up materials from the class. The recording of the class is posted on the Students-Only materials page and remains there, so if a students missed the class s/he can sign in a view it.

Host Checklist - what you need to do:

Decide on class, date and price

Provide store photo or logo and links

Provide fabric kit photo and link, if you are offering one

Set up the class on your website, promote to your customers

2 days before class: 
Send LOQC your spreadsheet of enrolled student names
Pay your invoice for reserved/guaranteed seats

Send login instructions and password to your customers (We do this too)

Attend class

Send follow-up materials to your customers (We do this too)

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