T-Shirt Quilts ... One Block at a Time!

You'll love this EASY and FUN way to make a T-Shirt Quilt
quilting one T-shirt at a time!

Making a T-shirt quilt is a wonderful way to preserve and enjoy memories of special times in our lives. But actually making a T-shirt quilt can feel like an overwhelming project. T-Shirt Quilts ... One Block at a Time!  changes that!

Imagine this: You quilt T-shirts one at a time, right on your domestic machine. After they're quilted, you cut them to size and assemble the quilt section by section. It's much more manageable than a whole quilt top and you can do it yourself on yuor home sewing machine!

The key to the T-Shirt Quilts ... One Block at a Time! technique is using double-sided fusible batting.  Be sure to order it when you order your book so you'll have it on hand when the book arrives! (Because of the size of batting, I'm unable to stock it, but click here to order from Hancock's of Paducah.)

The T-Shirt Quilts ... One Block at a Time! approach allows for so much creativity—quilting can outline lettering, enhance a logo, even tell a story. It's easy to add applique and other embellishment if you wish.

And you don’t have to plan the quilt ahead. Just jump in and start quilting shirts. Enjoy seeing the quilt grow as you put one after another creatively quilted shirt up on your wall. You can even make smaller projects like pillows or bed runners to enjoy now, and add them to a bigger quilt later on.

T-Shirt Quilts ... One Block at a Time! includes:

  • Materials & Tools for Making a T-Shirt Quilt: Know what you'll need to make your quilt from start to finish.
  • Charts for Calculating Quilt Size & Yardage: Easy-to-follow charts help you work out your quilt size and the fabric you'll need to make it.
  • Whole-Shirt Blocks & Stitch-and-Flip Blocks: Learn two different methods for turning T-shirts into quilt blocks. 
  • How to Enhance your T-shirt Blocks with Fusible Applique: Pull together a collection of T-shirts by embellishing the blocks with fusible applique.
  • Adding a Quilted Story to your T-shirt blocks: Learn how to add pictures and text that will enhance the memories of your T-shirt. 
  • Quilting Techniques and Patterns: Whether you are an experienced quilter or a beginner, TYQASG shows you how to set up your sewing machine for free-motion quilting, outline letters and logos, and quilt a variety of fill patterns. 
  • How to Assemble Pre-quilted blocks (Quilt-As-You-Go): Step-by-step instructions show you how to assemble and finish your quilt, from blocks to borders to binding.
  • Make a T-Shirt Pillow: Learn how to make T-shirt pillows that you can enjoy now and add to a quilt later.
  • 84 pages



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