August 23, 2023

I love BLTs, but have you noticed that the strips of bacon tend to slide out one side while you're biting the other side?  Here's my trick for cooking non-skid bacon that stays in the sandwich.

Cook bacon in the microwave, layered between paper towels. It takes about 3-1/2 to 4 minutes (depending on the thickness of the bacon) for 4 slices, cut in half, to get crispy.  Here's the non-skid part: Lay 4 half-slices side by side on the plate, then lay the other 4 half-slices side-by-side across the first layer. As the layers cook, they will stick together, and you end up with a perfect sandwich-sized grid of crispy bacon that won't slip out of your BLT!

(You could probably do this in a regular oven as well, if you wanted to do more than one sandwich-worth of bacon at a time.)

Happy Quilting (and Eating)! ~ RaNae
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