June 29, 2021

Do your bobbins get tangled up in your sewing tools drawer? Mine used to until one day I found this simple solution.

Get clear plastic tubing from your hardware, pool supply or aquarium supply store. The best size is 1/2" interior diameter. Use a pair of scissors or a sharp kitchen knife to cut lengthwise down the tube, then cut off 1/4" segments. (Or, try cutting off the 1/4" segments first, then cutting them open -- whichever way works best for you is okay.) You want the slice of tubing to fit between the outer walls of your bobbins so experiment and adjust to get the right width. Just pop a piece of tubing over your bobbin to hold the thread tight and -- Voila! -- your bobbins stay untangled.

Click here to go to Home Depot for tubing-- it's probably enough for your whole guild!

Happy Quilting!
RaNae :)

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