February 22, 2022

February 2022: My first QuiltCon! It was inspiring to be there with so many enthusiastic modern quilters. Here's one of the winners of a Best Machine Quilting award, "Aroha" by Michelle Wilkie & friends, quilted by Christine Perrigo. If you've heard me talk about "story, personality, layers and contrast" when creating a quilting design, you'll see how those concepts apply here in a really interesting way.

The title of Michelle's quilt is "Aroha" which means "love" in New Zealand. The bold black and white piecing and the quilting were inspired by traditional New Zealand designs. From this influence comes the story and personality of the quilt.

When you look at the quilting designs, notice how many of them are placed so that they appear to layer behind the pieced elements.

And notice how the background fill of closely-placed diagonal lines creates a strong contrast to the swirling lines so it makes them really pop.

I was so impressed with the creativity of this design and the quality of the quilting. It's absolutely a winner in my book!

Happy Quilting!
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