August 19, 2019

Recently I shared a video about making a tabletop ironing pad. Well, I was using it the other day and I discovered that it solves a problem that really bugs me, which is that my iron turns off automatically and I always have to wait for it to warm up when I need it.  As I was sewing I noticed that my iron was turning itself on and heating up to be ready just when I needed it. 

How does it know?!!!

My BERNINA Aurora 440 QE sewing machine sits on an oak dining table. (By the way, this sewing machine, which was handed down to me by a friend [thank you Galyna!] is my favorite sewing machine of all time. I love it!)

My Velocity iron is motion-sensitive, designed to turn on when moved. I was using it with my ironing pad on the table right next to where I was sewing.

Although the table is quite solid, the motion of the sewing machine still vibrates it just a little bit. That bit of vibration is just enough to turn on the iron. So, as I sew the vibration in the table turns the iron on, and when I finish sewing the iron is hot and waiting for me to press!

The iron lets me know it is turning on by giving a little beep, so if I don't want it to turn on when I'm sewing, I just unplug it. A power strip at the back of the table makes it easy to reach the iron's power cord.

Happy quilting!

RaNae :)


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