May 03, 2021

Happy Spring!
I wanted to share with you my 2nd place ribbon from my garden club’s flower show. The theme for my class was An Artist at Work, in which the challenge was to incorporate a tool from any art in the design. (Not sure if u can see the needle) And it had to be in a niche with covered sides. You can see how I covered mine! Thanks for the most impressive, (to the judges, anyway) but easy to execute dahlia pattern for the backdrop!
My concept was that quilt making, like flower arranging, combines unique elements-texture, color, value, etc. (symbolized by the different vases) into a cohesive whole (stitched together with the thread running thru it).
I was tickled to receive a ribbon and  thought you’d get a kick out of seeing an unconventional way the skills I learned from you were applied!
Stay well, and enjoy the beautiful weather!

Susan N.

West Chester, PA


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