March 04, 2021

I finished my free-motion quilt in a month (Tuesday nights).  Thanks so much.  I learned a lot.  I have been able to do some free motion easily - I think because I have done so many jig saw puzzles from the time I was very young and the pattern was seared in my brain.   But I’ve never been able to do feathers or any other more artsy type or patterned stuff.  I appreciated learning how to sew prequilted pieces together although I will only use it in adding a border to very large quilts.   I find it too much more work and material for smaller quilts.    I made the quilt pictured from material I have had in my stash for a long time.   I didn’t want to buy material for something I was learning on.  But it came out great - much of the quilting doesn’t show in the photo but it shows well on the quilt itself.   I will be hanging it on the wall in my sewing room.   Thanks again. 

Anne K. 

Warrenville, IL

Anne learned Free-Motion Mastery in a Month during  2021 Tuesday nights Free-Motion Mastery in a Month Club sessions.

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