Free-Motion Mastery Retreats

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Have you ever thought to yourself “If I just had a little time to focus on free-motion quilting, I know I could learn it?” Well, here’s your chance! Join me for a Free-Motion Mastery Retreat and have three exciting days to dive in and master free-motion quilting. My unique FMM30 exercises make the learning process simple and fast, and you will see your FMQ skills improve virtually overnight! 

Here is just some of what you will learn in three power-packed days:

Day 1: Set up your sewing machine and find your perfect FMQ stitch.
Learn to quilt the 6 Basic Shapes and start building them into dozens of patterns. How to use Quilting Yoga exercises to supercharge your learning process
Day 2:  6 Basics Shapes continued -- build them into feathers. Add shadowing and stippling to your repertoire. Learn how to create a quilting design.
Day 3:  Quilt-as-you-go assembly. Pre-binding borders. More patterns based on the 6 Basic Shapes. Intro to ruler work. How to continue practicing at home.

You will go home not only with solid FMQ skills and dozens of patterns, but also knowing how to learn new patterns quickly and easily! 

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